Ghost Towns, Historic Sites & Scenery of Nevada

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These ghost towns and outback areas can be dangerous. If you choose to travel to them, understand that road conditions may change, the weather may change, you may run out of supplies or gas, there are open mines, dangerous animals and other objects that could jeopardize your safety, you could become lost, etc. The directions that I have posted are only a general description and are not a substitute for a detailed map. You should never travel to or traverse any of these places based solely on my description and writings. If you do choose to travel to one of these places, be prepared. This means water, food, elemental clothing, first aid, spare gas, spare tire(s), self defense items (if you choose) and other necessary items needed. Also, make sure that a trusted individual knows where you are going. For example, my parents always know exactly where I am going and I have a designated check-in time with them. If my parents are with me, than an in-law, co-worker or friend is informed in the same manner. If you choose to travel to one of these places, you do so at your own risk. My website is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am not accountable for any of your mishaps or bad luck while traversing the Nevada outback. I've had my own share of mishaps and bad luck while in the Nevada outback. I can't be responsible for yours too. So put down the laptop, take one day away from your supersonic internet phone and $5.00 coffee, show some pride in your State and go see some history. Be safe and enjoy! It is truly worthwhile. Everyday, more and more of this history is disappearing forever.

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